The Sheridan Museum of History (SMH) was founded in 2005 when a group of individuals were asked to create a display about the history of Sheridan for the 125th birthday celebration.  In 2012, we were given a building to display our artifacts and stories just to see if the community was interested in a museum and they were.

By 2017, we realized we needed a permanent location and we found the 1914 Sackett Building on S. Bridge Street.  We spent the entire year restoring this building and moved in January 2018.  The building was purchased by the museum in late 2018 and is now owned and operated by a dedicated group of volunteers.  We have a collection of over 4400 artifacts, photos, stories and more all related to the history of Sheridan and the surrounding area.

We are located at 142 S. Bridge Street and are open on Saturdays from 10-3pm and by appointment.  Our email address is or you can leave a message at 503-843-2417. Please visit our web site at