What We Do

The Sheridan Chamber of Commerce is a non-profit organization dedicated to supporting the growth of local businesses. By joining the Chamber, businesses can leverage the collective power of the community to create a more prosperous economic environment. The Chamber offers a wide range of benefits to its members, including access to marketing resources, networking opportunities, and educational events. By participating in these events and utilizing the Chamber’s resources, members can strengthen their business skills and connect with other local business owners.

Proud of Sheridan

Sheridan is a small town located in the heart of Oregon’s wine country. Despite its size, the town has seen a steady growth in recent years, with many new businesses opening up and contributing to the local economy. The growth in Sheridan can be attributed to a variety of factors, including the town’s proximity to major highways, a supportive business environment, and the availability of affordable commercial properties. As more businesses move into the area, the town has become a hub of activity, attracting visitors and residents who are drawn to its unique charm and friendly atmosphere. With its ideal location and entrepreneurial spirit, Sheridan is poised for continued growth and prosperity in the years to come.

Chamber Board

John Stanislaw


Sara Meyer


Staci Coker


Co-Owner of the West Valley Bulletin Board, Rotarian, Sheridan Christmas Committee

Matt Huegli

Board member