Fire Chief: Les Thomas
Division Chief: Phillip Riggs
EMS Coordinator: Donna Hammer
Administrative Assistant: Marguerite Alexander

Sheridan Fire Department began in 1886 as part of the City of Sheridan, serving
approximately 200 people. As the city grew and the surrounding area became more
populated, the fire department transitioned from a city department to a special
district, not limited by city boundaries, becoming a separate entity from the city.

Today, our crews of career and volunteer staff serve and protect a population of
over 10,000 people, not including the thousands of people who travel through our
district daily. Sheridan Fire District now covers 145 square miles of forest land,
farmland, and the communities of Sheridan, Buell, and Ballston. 

In addition to offering fire protection and emergency medical services, Fire District
provides public education, address signs, Fire Med membership, first aid, CPR, and
AED training. We partner with the schools to provide fire prevention, participate in
Homecoming activities, and provide a standby ambulance for home football games.
We also support many local events, including Hometown Days, the Christmas
parade, and city cleanup days. Our staff is active in Rotary, Kiwanis, and the
Chamber of Commerce.

The Sheridan Fire District is led by a five-person board of directors who are elected
to serve a four-year term by the people of the fire district. The board of directors
oversees the hiring and supervision of the fire chief. In addition, the Fire Chief
provides administrative direction and leadership for all Fire and Emergency Medical
functions, operations, and personnel through the supervision of staff and a review of
their activities. Responsibilities include reviewing the district’s general operations to
determine efficiency; providing direction on significant incidents, projects, or
problem areas; planning for the future; developing and implementing policies and
procedures; and providing policy guidance.

In October 2021, a new fire district administration was hired. Our first goals were to
repurpose and refocus our organization to serve our fire district better. We started
by adopting a simple motto, “Just DO the RIGHT Thing!”. The concept is based on
the ease of striving to be helpful, honest, and transparent with every action and
every word as we serve with dedication.

We also adopted a new Mission, Vision, Values, and Principle Statement.  


The Mission of the Sheridan Fire District is to provide a safe, professional, and
courteous team that strives to exceed the community’s expectations. This mission
requires our members to be part of a capable, respectful, all-hazard Fire/E.M.S.
district that focuses on “Just doing the right thing” for those we serve.  


We will provide a high level of customer service by protecting life, property, and the
environment by delivering innovative, fiscally responsible firefighting, rescue, fire
prevention, emergency medical, and emergency management services. As a core
service of the Sheridan Fire


We are prepared for duty, serving with integrity, responding with compassion, and
committed to professional excellence. “We excel so others may benefit.”  


Honesty: Committed to creating and maintaining an open and truthful environment
that is fair and consistent. 
Excellence: Striving to develop to ensure our contributions make our fire, EMS, and
rescue services the best. 
Respect: Supporting, involving, and listening to others, showing dignity,
consideration, and empathy for all.